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Airasia cadet program

AirAsia cadet program

 Preparatory classes for Air Asia cadet program



  1. Education

  2. Physical

    • Eyesight

    • Height


  1. Personality

  2. Work Preferences


  Quantitative Critical Thinking (QTS)

  1. Language & Verbal understanding

  2. Numerical proficiency

  3. Critical thinking

   Psychological Screening (PAS)

  Phase 3: APTITUDE

  Spatial Orientation

  1. Hand-Eye Coordination

  2. Multi-Task Management

  3. Short Term Memory

   Physics Test

   FINAL PHASE- Personal interview

Eligibility for Air Asia Cadet pilot program


•    Your origin should be Indian in order to register for this particular course.

•    It is mandatory to have completed your 12th standard with a science background.

•    The student should have more than 60% in his maths, physics and English examination.

•    The minimum age decided to enter Air Asia cadet pilot program is 18 years.

•    The maximum age decided to enter Air Asia cadet pilot program is 28 years.

•    Candidate should be possessing level 1 and 2 medical clearance 

Air Asia has begun the Cadet Pilot Program with New Zealand Airline Academy and the
selection process with the help of Harrison Omniview Consulting. Air Asia is developing on a huge scale since last year, subsequently, the need for pilots is expanding.


In agreement with this, Air Asia began its very own cadet program to give the students best preparing and subsequently the best career as a pilot.

Because of the consistent addition in the number of air travelers, it is normal that there will be an increase of 10,000 new pilots in the carriers by 2030.

The training provided by the Air Asia is certified & make candidates eligible for the operating of the flying machine as a pilot. It is the best opportunity for those who are totally new in the aviation field & want to start a career as a pilot.

The duration of the course is about 18-24 month long. For getting selected in this course,
candidates first have to go through a screening process with Harrison and a couple of rounds as mentioned above. After clearing this test candidates are required to attend the 4 months ground training in New Delhi.


After completing the ground training, there will be flying training in New Zealand & a 4 months training for Airbus A320 type rating.

Preparatory classes for Air Asia cadet program starting on 24th June.

Air Asia cadet program
Air Asia cadet program
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