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hello so today page is about flying

training in india

and which is the best flying schools in

india for you

so to become a pilot in india you have

to complete 200 hours of flying training

from a dgc-approved flying school now

the first factor that you have to

consider is cost what is the cost of

flying training there

so the cost of flying training in india

it varies from

10 lakh to 45 lakh. For deciding best flying schools in India one should definately consider cost, the flying school

that offers

cpl in 10 lakh is bihar flying institute

but there if you want to do your cpl in

10 lakhs you should be a local resident


bihar before joining a flying school in

india you have to consider some points

the first point is the number of

students in that

particular flying school will you be

getting enough

flying hours and will you be able to

complete the flying training in

estimated time

the second point that you have to

consider is the number of

instructors present in that flying

school because this will directly

influence your

number of hours building as the initial


and some parts after the initial flying

is done with the instructor on

board with you in the aircraft. This is the major part that influnce you to choose the best flying schools in India, the third

point is cfi

that is chief flying instructor so you

have to check

is this efi present there or not because

if the cfi

chief flying instructor is not present

at the flying school

flying training cannot take place at

that particular flying school

so that is very important the number

fourth point is

the number of fleet the flying school is

having how many operational aircrafts

are there

available for flying training so this

information is very important before

joining a flying school in india

so how to get this information you can

directly ask a student who has passed

from that flying school

or you can ask a student that is doing

his flying training from the flying


now how will you find the students you

can easily find them

on the social media and you can connect

to them and they will be happy to share

this information with you

so considering the above points you have

to decide for yourself

that which is the best flying schools for

you considering the cost

the time taken by the flying school and

the quality of

flying training they are providing to

become a pilot in india. so better to consider these points before choosing best flying schools in India.

with the completion of 200 hours of

flying training you also have to clear

the dgca exams the five dgca exams

and the rtr exam that is taken by wpc

the suggested way to become a pilot in

india is first get your pilot medical

done. After choosing best flying schools in India and making yo

then clear all the dgca exams and then

use the knowledge

that you have accumulated while studying

for the pilot subjects

in the flying training at captain aloo

ali aviation academy

you can get scholarship up to 50 off

on cpl ground classes for the dgca exams

and what are dgca exams how often are

they taken what is the validity of dgca


is explained in the next page so please

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Which is the best flying schools in India so by he page literally everything that you need to

check before you join a flying school will be explained.

let's get started

the first foremost most important thing

is obviously the cost, if you have flying

schools in India we should range all the

way from 10 lakh rupees to going even up

to 50 lakh rupees

so before you bombard me with questions

get the structure beyond the flying

school, Bihar Flying Club it's obviously in Bihar and

I'm happy for local Bihar residents you

can do your CPL in about 10 lakh rupees

we hope we continue which flying school

do you guys think is the best in India

do drop it in the comments help everyone

out and let's see best flying schools in India.

moving on to point number two

point number two is it should have a lot of aircrafts for being called the best flying schools in India.

everything is very nice you know it's a

very big it's the biggest nice one in

the world but if they also have the

maximum number of students in the world

you literally will not get any airplane

to fly the number of students at a

flying school matter a lot,

but the same flying school let's say

about six months down the line might

actually be totally empty or might have

very few students because the ones who

were there they all passed out so this

is a very variable factor just covering

up who before joing flying schools in india , now the third most

important thing is the instructors and

the CFI at the flying school so the CFI

is the chief flying instructor so this

person is the head

of the flying school like a principal

also check how many instructors are

there in the flying school.



one of the most frequently asked

questions on this page in the

comments section and also on my

instagram handle is that

please let me know which is the best

flying school in india

well in today's page i'm going to be

answering the golden question and i'll

be telling you which is the best flying

schools in india

the page might get a little longer but

then bear with me this is for your own

good and trust me this page

is gonna be much more detailed and

informative i have put in a lot of


behind this so if you already buckle up

your seatbelts because you're ready for


i talk about career guidance and advice

uh just like in today's page so if you

alright so the best flying school in India in india


all right thanks for everybody thanks a

lot for joining in i hope that you got

information and value of this page

well any such thing isn't gonna happen

right even if i would give you the name

of a particular flying club

you wouldn't believe me just like that

and you would want me to give you the


why i picked the name of that flying

club to be the best in india

and moreover even if there was a flying

club that i would give you the name of

then still there isn't there is no

guarantee that that particular flying

club would remain the best right

two to four or five years down the line

the best flying school in India  would

change just like your smartphone okay

this smartphone might be the best one

right now

but two to four years down the line this

wouldn't be the best one there might be


another smartphone coming up with uh but

better features for example okay and the

third thing here is that the best

differs from person to person right

i personally am a hardcore android and

samsung user i love samsung

at least for now it might change uh but

there are some other person for him

for whom apple would be the best right

he would be an avid

iphone user so these are the reasons why

what i decided is we will do it in a

reverse fashion

first i'll be letting you know the

reasons and factors that you need to

keep in head before you decide on a

flying club and decide

which is the best line club for

yourselves and don't worry

in the end i am for sure gonna give you

the name of the best flying school in India

so make sure to watch the page till the

end just a very quick disclaimer here

that any flying club name that i'm going

to take here isn't actually sponsored

no flying club is sponsoring me to make

this page it's only my personal intake

on this and then another thing is that

thebest flying school in India might change in the

future right so uh

please don't stand me responsible for

any decisions that you take in your


this is just my intake what i advise you

instead is just follow the

uh the guidelines and the different

factors that i'm telling here

and then decide the best flying school in India for

yourself okay uh another thing here is

that i'll be attaching the list of

all the flying clubs registered in india

down in the description

so make sure to check that out there are

about 32 uh flying clubs in india as of


and yeah follow the framework and you

can uh it's best that you decide

the best flying school in India for yourself okay

let's jump

into the different reasons uh and

different factors that define the best

flying club in any country for that


okay so one of the most important

factors about a flying club is the

duration in which you'll be completing

your flying

training okay you would want to complete

your flying training as fast as possible

because there's a lot of gap between two

sorties okay so it is a basically a

training flight

there's a lot of gap between two

training flights then you will be

forgetting what you had learned in the

previous 30 which will in turn result

in very slow progress in your skill set

and for choosing best flying schools in India and

learning of your flying training okay

uh now how do you know that which flying

club can get your flying done faster

so there are two terms for that one is

student to aircraft ratio and another is

student to instructor

ratio okay student aircraft ratio is

simply very easy

number of students to the number of

aircrafts okay if there are 100 students

in a flying club and there are 10

aircrafts available so there's

uh you know 10 students per aircraft and

student instructor ratio is very similar

to that

okay one important thing here is that

you should be considering the number of

operative aircraft okay there are

certain flying club which have

a lot of aircraft sparked in their

hangars okay and when you go for

admission they'll be showing you around

okay we have lots of aircrafts

but in reality not all of them will be

operative so you would want to know

which are operative aircraft and

consider only those towards your

student to aircraft ratio so if there

are a lot of students and less number of

aircraft then

obviously your flanks training will be

very slow and that is not what you would


all right so the number two important

factor here is for many of you guys i


that frank trading is very expensive so

the number two factor is the cost

okay how much the flying school is

charging for their services and for the

entire package of your flying training


usually the government flying clubs are

cheaper than the other flying clubs that


most in most cases that's how it goes

but then

you do your own research and find the

best flying schools the cheapest flying

school that you can

and also at this point i'd like to let

you know i had made a separate page on

how you can

possibly bring down the costs of your

flying training i'll link that page up

here and you can choose best flying schools in India according to you.

and also around the description make

sure to watch that page out well

another important thing

i'd like to let you know here is that uh

there is a flying club bihar flying club


uh which is a government flying club

which offers its uh

flying training for very very cost

effective and very very cheap

uh flying training is available over

there but a catch here is that not many

people know this

people do know that we have flying club

you know gets your entire pilot training


as less as 10 lakh rupees that is

actually a truth but then there are

certain other

uh requirements certain other terms and


for example you need to be a local a


of bihar state for that but okay do your

own research on that

uh i just thought that i'd let you know

about that information

let's continue with our reasons

the lesser body factor about a flying

club is its location you wouldn't want

to fly in a flying club which is located

in a place

uh wherein flying is stopped okay flying

training is stopped for months

altogether because of its

weather conditions okay especially in

the northern part of the country

in winters due to fog flying training is

stopped for months altogether

also there are certain locations wherein

you know there are rains for

a month and then wind conditions aren't

favorable for flying training

and another important point here is that

uh maybe you wouldn't want to fly in

a remote location in a flying club which

is located at a remote location

mostly when a flying club is located at

a remote location then it's mostly

not controlled it's an uncontrolled

airport what i mean by that

is that it doesn't have a control tower

and basically one

person from the flying club itself sits

with an rd set acting as a

radio controller in such cases usually

you won't you will not get

the best quality of communication and rt

skills in your flying training

okay to boil it down in my personal view

if your city has a good flying club then

that is the best flying school in India

location wise for you the next point is

aircraft maintenance what is the quality

of maintenance how

well the aircrafts are maintained

because this

is the life and death situation okay you

are talking about your safety

it's very important that you keep it in

your head i'm not trying to scare you

with just

uh one important point that you should

always consider in it

trust me uh there is one of my

friend's friend okay uh who lost his

life in

an accident while he was doing his

flying training so

i really hope that any such thing

doesn't happen in the future but

okay please keep that in your head and

stay safe

the next important point about a flying

club is obviously the quality of

training be it flying training or ground

training talking about ground training

i personally don't recommend you to go

ahead with the ground training of a

flying club because that's usually not

the best

instead ground school outside is usually


but still if you aren't looking to go

and spend in a lot of money outside

then you have to keep in your head that


ground the quality of ground training in

your flying club should be

at par at least why is it so because

ground training is very important

for choosing best flying schools in India

especially in a cpl vacancy once you

complete your cpl if you are going and

sitting in a cpi vacancy you will be

judged and questioned and the question

paper will be coming

mostly based on your cpl theory

knowledge even if you were to sit in

a type rated vacancy still there will be

a lot of questions based on the basic


knowledge that you will learn in your

flying school and obviously the quality

of your flying training is also


i do admit that in your selection

campaign in the airline in most cases

the quality of flying training that you


in most cases doesn't matter but still

uh you would want

to give yourself a bet best chance to

land a job right

so in that case you would want to

receive the best quality of

flying training especially your

instrument flying procedures should be

at least at par and apart from that your

multitasking skills in the cockpit how

you do and tackle match problems your

fuel and distance and time

problems while you are flying and then

how do you handle maps and charts

that is a very important factor

especially your approach plates how do

you read them how do you do

a briefing of your approach plates etc

so all these factors will be taught to

you in your flight training and you

would want to receive a good flying

training all right till now we're done

with five important points about a

flying club and how you can decide for

the best flying school in India

and there are five more coming uh but if

you're getting value information out of

this page

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let's continue point number six on the

list is facilities and i'm not talking

about food or accommodation or ambience

facilities of a flying club but instead

i'm talking about uh facilities related

to your flying training itself

facilities like who owns the runway who

owns the airfield

and does the particular airfield has vor

or an ils because you will want

to shoot vr and ils approaches and

practice them in your flying training

and does the airport that your flying

club is located at

now does that have lighting for your

knife flying because

if it doesn't then your night flying

will be very slow because

in there are flying clubs that go to

other airports for night flying for


and then does it have a control tower uh

i have already covered that point

so in my personal view the best airport

to be flying

for your flying training uh regarding

your facilities is begumped airport that

is in hyderabad

because it used to be international

airport previously and because

there is a new international airport

built up the old airport is being used

partially by the air force and obviously

there are four flying clubs flying out

of there

and all of these points are more or less

ticked okay all the flying clubs don't

own this runway and it's

owned by airports authoritative india

but then this particular

airstrip and this airport is dedicated

mainly for flying training

point number seven on the list is

availability of a cfi or chief flying

instructor which basically is very

similar to principal in a school

right if there is no cfi then absolutely

not even a single flight can take off

not even one

uh training flight can happen uh without

the authorization of a cfi

uh the exception to that is if a cfi

resigns then from then on

till six months the deputy cfi can

authorize the flights

uh that is only because so that the

flying club can get another cfi

but other than that uh this is also one

of the best ways to

identify if the flying club is

fraudulent right if you go and ask

who is the cfi in your flying club and

if they just go

okay fishy then understand that that

might be a fraudulent

flying club and trust me uh there are

such cases that had happened in the past

number eight on the list is false or

fraudulent entries and what i mean by

that is that there are certain flying

clubs who

sadly do uh over logging or under

logging so overlogging is basically when

you actually flew for one hour after

landing you will be mentioning and


in your lock books that you flew for one

hour fifteen minutes for example okay

uh flank clubs do this so that they can

uh increase their profit

and students also agree to it uh

thinking that that

they can finish off with their flying

faster but that is absolutely illegal i

please i highly recommend you not to go

that way and even if you know of any

supply club mention them down

in the comments so that we can help

others and similarly under logging is

the other way around you fly for one

hour and you mention that you

actually flow for 45 minutes only okay

other thing as

false solo entries so in training

flights there are solo flights

that uh requires soul uh occupant in the

aircraft to be the trainee himself

and uh what flying clubs do is they

throw in another

person in the aircraft they say it's for

safety etc

but i think that if a person if a

trainee pilot has been released for his


then he is absolutely capable of flying

the aircraft all alone

and in such cases uh please uh if you

know of a flying club

that does this please don't go over


number under the list is approvals and

validity dgca gives authorizations and

approvals to these flying clubs

uh i'll be attaching the list of dgca

approved flying clips down the

description go to that link and

crosstick that that

flying club is mentioned in the list you

can always go and ask the flying club to

show their approval

you should crosstrack that it's actually

valid the validity isn't already expired

especially if the name of the flying

club is fishy or not

much known in that case it's also one of

the best ways to recognize if it's a

fraudulent flying club or not

and finally the last 10th point here is

miscellaneous which is

what is the quality of food and

accommodation especially in the case

if you are have decided on a flying club

which is not in your city

in that case it does matter a lot

because obviously it's directly linked

to your health and obviously you know

the fact that

to be a pilot to be able to fly

aircrafts you need to stay fit

so obviously make sure that there is

good quality of food and accommodation


available at the flying club this

doesn't matter much because if

at all the flying club doesn't have a

good quality accommodation then

you can go outside but that's one of the

points that i

thought that you think you should think

about before deciding on a flying club

now that you know the different factors

that you need to look for in flying club

to decide the best one

how do you know the information okay


number of aircraft in the flying club

for that you can head over to dgca

website the list of

uh flying clubs with the number of

aircrafts with their registrations also

is available over there

if i find a link i'll put that in the

description uh but how do you know the

truth okay like

what are the number of aircraft that are

actually operating for that

the best way is to talk to a student who

is currently flying in the flying club

and obviously the foolproof method to

know the true

information and obviously to decide the


flying club at your time is to

enroll yourself in a ground class a

separate ground classes

institution that is what i suggested

before as well why

because you will be getting information

and inputs from other students other

experiences somebody might have

a fraud happen to him for example

so these are the best okay the

experiences in word of mouth from other

students and

instructors for example that's the best

way to find the truth

about a flying club now for the final

reveal which is thebest flying school in India

and the answer to that is it

depends upon what

factor is most important to you so if

cost is the most important factor to you

br flying club is what you might be

looking at if you want to do your flying

very fast

then uh for example carver aviation

which is uh located somewhere near


it has one one phi two aircraft five one

seven twos and one p 68c

i've heard that uh the flying over there

is at a pretty decent pace and then

chime simulation academy has nine single

engine one seven two aircraft

and then a total of three multi-engine

aircrafts uh which is a lot okay usually

flying clubs have only one

multi-generation so two df-42s and one


so total three multi-engine aircrafts uh

chimes also does your flying fast is

what i have understood

uh and known from my friends and then

igrua that is indira gandhi rashtriya

iran academy has 17 single-engine


mostly df-40s and then two da42s as well

but the downside of agua is that it has

got a

comparatively more stringent selection

process and eligibility criterias

you can look that up at their website

but if you want to do your flying fast

these are the ones that you want to look


and but don't forget that if you are

opting for a cheap flying club then it's

not only you who wants to do your

training in as

less amount of money as possible there

are others as well so the number of

students will rise



that will drastically reduce the pace at

which your flying training happens

and then finally the best airport to be

flying training

in india is begumped airport in

hyderabad it has a government flying

club there are

look at these different factors and

decide the best flying club and best flying school in India

for you personally speaking location was

very important for me

and then facilities and the quality etc

so i decided

obviously i'm from hyderabad that's why

i decided the flying club that i


okay decide on yourself and then another

best way to make sure that you

don't fall prey of any fraudulent

activities or frauds etc

is to go in renowned flying clubs which

are known for

producing quality pilots and more number

of pilots uh

that's these uh flying clubs that i

mentioned telangana situation academy

apfc igrua chimes carver

bombay flying club these flying clubs

are genuine and you can go ahead and do

your training from these academies

so those were some of the best line

clubs in india and the different factors


can help you decide the best flying school in India

according to you uh question of the day

is which is thebest flying school in India

according to you and

why is it so uh put them down in the

description they'll be very helpful for


people looking for the answer to this

question well that's it for this page i

hope that you liked the page and it was

very informative i know it was a little

bit longer

but then i wanted to not leave any stone


uh but still yeah i think that there was

a lot of value and information in this


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