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Qatar Airways cadet program classes

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Preparatory Classes for Qatar Airways Cadet Program



  1. Education

  2. Physical

    • Eyesight

    • Height


  1. Personality

  2. Work Preferences


  Quantitative Critical Thinking (QTS)

  1. Language & Verbal understanding

  2. Numerical proficiency

  3. Critical thinking

   Psychological Screening (PAS)

  Phase 3: APTITUDE 

  Written Test

  1. Maths

  2. Physics

  3. English

   We provide study material and conduct Mock Tests so that student can access himself and learn to complete test on time.


We provide hands on Simulator + Joystick Practise till the student is able to handle them with ease.

  Phase 5: FINAL PHASE- Personal interview

We conduct Mock Interview to build up confidence level of the student.

Eligibility for Qatar Airways Cadet Program


  • Must be aged between 18 and 26 years at the time of commencing the MPL course.

  • Must have completed Secondary School Education from Science Stream (Mathematics and Physics).

  • Must have a minimum IELTS (Academic) score of 6.0 overall and no less than 6.0 in each component (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking).

  • Must pass all assessments.

  • Must pass the Qatar Airways interview. 

  • Must be able to obtain a QCAA Class 1 Medical certificate.

  • Must be able to obtain official police clearance from home country. 

Qatar Airways provides guaranteed employment to selected high calibre students from all nationalities to become future pilots of Qatar Airways upon successful completion of the Self-Funded Qatar Airways Multi-Crew Pilot License Programme. Successful Cadet Pilots will graduate with a Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) and a Bachelor's degree in Aviation.

Qatar Airways Cadet Program Classes are starting from 25th Jan

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