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  • RTR (A)

This is the examination season and i'd

like to take this opportunity and time

to tell you all about dgca examination

so in this page i'm going to talk all


what are the DGCA Ground Classes.

what examinations you need to take and

what are the validities, the fee

structure of these examinations, how many

attempts you are allowed etc

and many more information in this

page so if you guys are ready fasten

those seat belts because you're ready

for takeoff.

what's up fellow viewers and welcome

back to the DGCA Ground Classes page.

i talk about interesting aviation facts

and aircraft knowledge so if you're an

innovation enthusiast and are interested

to know more about aircraft and flying

you might want to consider reading.

okay so dgca stands for Director

General of civil aviation,

this is an organization or a body here

in india which is an authority or regulator

here for civil aviation, it

is also responsible for licensing and

many more other information.

i'll be talking in detail about dgca ground

classes and how they will help you.

the different aviation organizations

but for now you understand that dgca is

the main body of civil aviation under

dgca we have another organization named

as ceo

or central examination organization

which is responsible for conducting all

these pilot licensing

examinations so it has responsibilities

of rolling out admit cards allotment of

centers rolling out results examinations

conduction etc

so the ceo conducts examinations at the

frequency of four times every year that

is every quarter that is every three


the ceo conducts pilot license

examinations where you'll be sitting and

giving your examinations on course to

get your cpl or atpl both now broadly

speaking under pilot examinations there

are two different types

cpl exams and atp theory examinations

although there are

ppl and other stuff as well but mainly

i'm going to be focusing on cpl and atpl

examinations for today's page so first

let's talk about the cpl examinations

there are five subjects that you need to

appear for and clear the examinations

these subjects are namely air navigation

aviation meteorology air regulations

technical general and technical specific

now apart from these there is another

six subject which is 

rtr or radio telephony but that is not

conducted by dgca it's conducted by

another body i've talked about all of

these subjects in another page

and what you can expect to study in

these subjects in the page on

the subjects of aviation. For proper

understanding of the subjects you

can take dgca ground classes.

these are not entrance examinations but

rather a requirement for you to get your

cpl license now while previously the two

papers the technical general specific

used to be in offline mode that is pen

and paper

on an omr sheet it was in pen and paper

based examination

but right now all the examinations have

been shifted to online mode and by

online i don't mean that you need to set

the examination at your home

and you can cheat etc but rather you'll

be giving you'll be allotted a center

you'll be going to the center

and you'll be giving your examination on

a computer screen the physical

examination is 2500 rupees per attempt

previously the paper-based examinations

used to be 500 rupees per attempt but

right now everything is

online so two thousand five rupees every

time that you want to give an

attempt for a paper talking about the

questions the navigation and technical

general these two are bigger

and more difficult subjects so these uh

subjects have hundred questions each in

the examinations, proper dgca ground 

classes will help you in increasing your knowledge

and mock test will help you in exam.

and uh the all of the subjects for your

cpl have 50 questions each

and the passing percentage is 70 so for

every 100 questions you need to score 70

correct questions

and in your 50 questions uh paper you

need to be

having 35 correct questions in your

examination if you are planning to do

your cpl and entire of your training and

flying etc here from india itself then

these are the five subjects that you

need to clear

to get your cpl license but if you're

planning to do your training from abroad

then your technical general and

technical specific papers can be omitted

you need not give and clear these


but there is a catch if you do your

papers if you clear papers before you go

for your flying abroad then you need to

give three separate papers

that is air navigation a regulation and

aviation meteorology but on the other

hand if you

are clearing your papers after you

return with your foreign license

then you have one paper of aviation

navigation and meteorology

in one club into one subject that is

known as the composite paper.

For composite paper also take dgca ground

classes before you go for flying training

in abraod and clear the dgca exams 

beforehand only.

and your aviation regulation so all in

all two papers if you clear your papers

after returning from your flying but

keep in mind that if you

want to clear your papers after

returning then there is something known

as recency

and that is you might be having just two

attempts to clear your paper before your


and your experience lapse, so take dgca ground classes

or do self study but please clear your

papers before going gor flying training

 in aborad, now these

examinations are one of the many other

requirements for you to get your cpl

license i have talked about all those

requirements in my series on how to

become a pilot,

one of those requirements is your papers

all of these papers need to be valid so

let's talk about the validity of these


the papers are valid for five years so

from the date of your result when you

clear your paper the examination will be

valid for next five years so within

these five years you need to clear

all your other requirements to get your

cpl license all in all to summarize

the day you are going and putting in

your papers in dgca to

for your issuance of your cpl license

along with all of the requirements to be

current your papers also need to be

current if at all you cleared one paper

long back

you know more than five years before

even though you had to clear that paper

you will have to reset and clear that

paper once again for the

validity talking about the difficulty

level of the examination

the examination is of moderate

difficulty but globally speaking india

conducts one of the toughest pilot

licensing examinations

india and easa are known for their very

strict examinations

this is the reason why quite often you

can come across people who sit

uh one examination three to five

attempts or even more

especially for difficult examinations

like air navigation and technical

general, so taking dgca ground classes

for these subjects is a good idea.

only once you have your cpl license and

you have updated your profile in

pariksha which is an

online system for our pilot examinations

you have to update your profile over

there stating them that you have your

cpl license, now for atpl

one of your cpl paper that is air


is now split into two different

examinations for your atpl that is radio

aids and instruments

and general navigation so you can

yourself have a much more clearer idea

as to how much in depth do you need to

study on each of these subjects the

story doesn't end here you have oral

examinations for two of the subjects

namely instruments and

general navigation now similar to your

cpl the theory examinations are also

online based you will be going to a

center and answering the questions on a

computer screen

while the oral examinations are

conducted by examiners at different


which you need to choose while you are

applying for your examination you can

appear for these oral examinations only

once you have cleared the respective

theory paper of that particular subject

and the feast is once again 2500 rupees

per paper

which includes your oral examination for

the first attempt similar to your staple

examinations the theory papers are once

again online based so you'll be going to

a center and answering all the questions

on a computer screen

while your oral examinations are only

conducted by dgca examiners

at different centers that you need to

select when you are applying for your


now the feast once again is 2500 rupees

per paper

and that includes your oral examination

talking about the questions

efficient meteorology of adpl also has

50 questions just like your cpl

but your radio ads and instruments and

general navigation paper has

90 questions each now for met you need

to have 35

correct questions that is 70 once again

and also same goes for this one 70

percent of correct questions out of 90

which is 63 questions correct in each of

the other two papers

not over yet once again all of these

questions are multiple choice types and

there is no negative marking

talking about the validities your

aviation meteorology paper

is valid for five years just like your

cpl from the date you clear your


but your other two papers validity is a

little bit different and tricky

so the papers the theory papers are

valid for two and a half years from the

date you clear your theory paper

and within this two and a half years you

need to clear your oral examination

you have three attempts at clearing your

order the first attempt will be along

with the time when you will be clearing

the theory paper

and if at all you do not clear the oral

in that attempt or if you don't appear

for the oral examination you'll be

having two additional attempts after


you can appear for these two attempts

within this two and a half years so if

you do not appear

then your theory paper will be lapsed

and you have to

pass the examination once again so you

have to apply for these oral

examinations as in when the examination

dates are rolled out

and if you apply and do not appear for

the examination it is counted as one

attempt so three attempts is like that

and you don't need to compulsorily


each time examinations are conducted you

just need to keep in mind that within

these two and a half years the

examinations will be

you keep on conducting and you only have

to appear as in when you feel like that

you are confident that you'll be


and you'll be having two additional

attempts and you have to clear in that

now once you pass your oral examination

the validity will be extended to five

years from your theory result so for

example if you clear your oral

examination two years after the theory

your the total extension will be of

three years so whatever be the case once

you pass

five years from the date your theory

paper results question of the day let me

know in the comment section

that what is the new information that

you got out of this page i'll be

very glad to know that i added an

information to your knowledge.

  • Regular Mock Tests are taken so that the students learns to complete the test on time. 

  • DGCA Ground Classes are conducted 5 days a week and the course duration is 3 to 6 months according to the subjects you are taking for Dgca Ground Classes.

  • Books and Reading material for Dgca Ground Classes will be provided by the Academy.

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