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Pilot Medical



DGCA Class 2 Medical is the most basic and the first step towards a pilot’s career.

1. Create an account on EGCA Portal and apply for DGCA Class 2 Medical.

2. For Class 2 Medical examination, test’s cost will be around Rs 3500/- for tests like Blood, Urine, BMI (body mass index),ECG, Blood pressure, chest Xray ,Eye test.and the Hearing test.

You need to upload these tests documents on the EGCA Portal and Applicant needs to select the DGCA empaneled Examiner for Medical on EGCA Protal.

3. The applicant visits the DGCA empaneled Examiner for checkup and re-validates the form in front of the examiners. The doctor checks all your reports and you will receive CA 35 form as your acknowledgement.

4. Once your medical documents reach DGCA a file will be prepared on your respective name and you will receive a file number.This file has all your details and will be important for the rest of your time in Aviation career.

5. You will be getting your DGCA Class 2 Medical Assessment from DGCA through email and will also be available on EGCA Portal.

After getting DGCA CLASS 2 Medical Assesment from DGCA you can apply for DGCA CLASS 1 Medical. It is only done in DGCA Medical Centers. You can apply directly on EGCA Portal for booking an appointment for DGCA Class 1 Medical.

Best of Luck!!! Be Fit, Be Healthy, Fly High.

For DGCA Class 2 Medical Appointment

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