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Indigo cadet program cae

We provide Preparatory Classes for Indigo Cadet Program CAE

Selection Phase 1: Indigo Cadet Program CAE Written Test

  • Physics

  • Mathematics

  • English Language

We provide study material and conduct Mock Tests so that a student can access himself and learn to complete the test on time.

Selection Phase 2: Indigo Cadet Program CAE Aircrew Selection System (CASS) Simulator

  • Maths, Physics, English

  • Physical Assessment Stage (FAST)

  • APQ (ADAPT Personality Questionnaire)

  • Flight Simulator multitasking test

  • Joystick Flying test

  • Followed by Skype Interview

We provide Hands-on Simulator + Joystick practice till the student is confident in handling them with ease.

Selection Phase 3: Indigo Cadet Program CAE GD and Personal Interview

The final selection phase consists of a group activity/ discussion, and a personal interview with IndiGo.

  • We provide Technical classes which include getting well versed in Aircraft Instruments and all the Aircraft Technical Topics.


  • Rigorous Mock Interviews are conducted to boost the confidence of the student.

We give preparatory classes for all the Rounds of these Program's

Indigo Cadet Program CAE Preparatory Classes starting soon.

Indigo Cadet Program CAE

CAE has partnered with the Indigo for offering the best Indigo Cadet Training Program. The cadets who get selected to go through the training in two CAE’s academies in India and in the USA. It is the joint training program conducted by CAE and Indigo to prepare candidates for the CPL and Airbus A320 Type Rating with CAE before flying A320 with Indigo as Junior First Officer. 

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