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Indigo Cadet Program


  We give preparatory classes for 

  1. Indigo Cadet Program CAE

  2. Indigo Cadet Program FTA

  3. Indigo Cadet Program L3

  4. Indigo Cadet Program SKYBORNE

  5. Indigo Cadet Program New Zealand

  6. Indigo Cadet Program INSIGHT

  7. Indigo Cadet Program CAA

Selection Phase 1:  Written Test

  • Physics

  • Mathematics

  • English Language

We provide study material and conduct Mock Tests so that a student can access himself and learn to complete the test on time.

Selection Phase 2: CAE Aircrew Selection System (CASS) | PILAPT | ADAPT | FAST | Cut-e Simulator

  • Maths, Physics, English

  • Physical Assessment Stage (FAST)

  • APQ (ADAPT Personality Questionnaire)

  • Flight Simulator multitasking test

  • Joystick Flying test

  • Followed by Skype Interview

We provide Hands-on Simulator + Joystick practice till the student is confident in handling them with ease.

Selection Phase 3: GD and Personal Interview

The final selection phase consists of a group activity/ discussion, and a personal interview with IndiGo.

  • We provide Technical classes which include getting well versed in Aircraft Instruments and all the Aircraft Technical Topics.


  • Rigorous Mock Interviews are conducted to boost the confidence of the student.


  Preparatory classes for 

   1. Indigo Cadet Program CAE (CASS Simulator) 

   2. Indigo Cadet Program FTA Starting 

   3. Indigo Cadet Program New Zealand 

   4. Indigo Cadet Program SKYBORNE 

   5. Indigo Cadet Program INSIGHT 

   6. Indigo Cadet Program CAA Starting 

Indigo Cadet Program CAE


CAE has partnered with the Indigo for offering the best Indigo Cadet Training Program. The cadets who get selected to go through the training in two CAE’s academies in India and in the USA. It is the joint training program conducted by CAE and Indigo to prepare candidates for the CPL and Airbus A320 Type Rating with CAE before flying A320 with Indigo as Junior First Officer. 


Indigo Cadet Program FTA


FTA- Flight Training Adelaide has a long term experience of 34 years in providing airline cadet pilot training programs to various airlines throughout the world. Various airways who prefer FTA as a training provider are Cathay Pacific Airways, China Airlines, Cathay Dragon, Cebu Pacific, Cobham Airlines, Hong Kong Government Flying Service, TAG Aviation, Vietnam Airlines, QantasLink, and Virgin Australia. 


Indigo Cadet Program L3


Indigo Cadet Program SKYBORNE


SKYBORNE works with the Indigo to select, train, and supply the pilots who are industry-ready so that they can become the new part of the Indigo Cadet Pilot Program.  With the help of this collaboration of SKYBORNE with the Indigo, candidates get the chance to learn and get trained in SKYBORNE way before they could start their career as A320 Junior first officer with Indigo. 


Indigo Cadet Program New Zealand



As an International Commercial Pilot Academy so as to train the new generation for the airline service of Indigo. It prepares the candidates in such a way so that they can become professional pilots in the future. 


Indigo Cadet Program INSIGHT


To make the candidates ready for becoming the professional pilots, the insight aviation has joined hands with the Indigo cadet program.

The selected candidates get vigorous ground training for about 3 months in the Insight Aviation’s training center in Gurugram. After these 3 months of training, candidates undergo around 9 months of training at (FTO) in Port Alfred, South Africa.​


Eligibility for Indigo Cadet Pilot Program:

  • Completion of class 12th with a science background.


  • 51% or above in your math, physics and English exams.


  • The minimum age for getting registered is 18 years of age.


  • Maximum age for getting registered is 32 years of age.


  • Physical condition of the candidate should be ideal, that is weight and height.

What is Indigo Cadet Pilot Program?

Indigo Cadet program is a certified course after which you are eligible to operate a flying machine. It provides training to a student for the Commercial Pilot License(CPL) and Type Rating on Airbus A320. After completion of the program, the student land’s as a Junior First Officer with IndiGO.


Indigo Cadet Program is a two-phased process, in the first process you will be able to acquire the Commercial Pilot License, and after Type Rating, you will be applicable to fly an Airbus A320. This course is being followed by 200 hours of single & multi-engine flying Type rating for Airbus A320.

The selection process consists of various rounds as mentioned above and Simulators test like FAST | CASS | ADAPT | PILAPT | COMPASS Test for which Preparation is given in this


After graduating from Indigo Cadet Pilot Program, people are directly signed by Indigo as junior first officers.


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