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Everything You Need To Know About Pilot Training and Getting a Pilot's License

Updated: Sep 1

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In every annual year, there is an increase in the air traffic as compared to the previous and hence the Aviation Sector is willing to appoint new pilots. The rapid growth of the Aviation Sector is making the new generation curious to opt for many of the Aviation Courses and one especially being the Pilot Training. Pilot Training is not just any random training; it is the one which comes with a lot of challenges and responsibilities.

A Pilot did not just earn a good value of money but this job also brings a certain quantity of respect and honour with it. Coming on to the Pilot Training Course, it is an Aviation Course which is divided into two parts including Ground training and Flight training. The main purpose of establishing this course is to make the candidates aware of Airmanship Skills and also make them learn about the skills theoretically and practically. The increase in air traffic is mostly giving rise to the Commercial Pilot Training and hence the demand for the Commercial Pilot License is increasing.

The increase in the sky range routes both nationally and internationally is also increasing the count of the candidates to opt for Pilot Training. Being a Pilot is not an easy task, there are certain decisions which have to be made in advance. The candidate has to be sure which aviation career path he\she needs to take. The one which will lead the candidate to the Civil Aviation Path or the one which will lead towards the Indian Defense Forces. If the candidate is opting for the Civil Aviation path he/she really have to follow certain steps which are totally different from the Indian Defense Forces. The Civil Aviation path needs some proper degree through a Flying School and a Commercial Pilot License to be issued by DGCA EXAM(Directorate General of Civil Aviation).


Eligibility criteria which every candidate should pass before entering the training school are that the candidate should have completed 10+2 level or its equivalent with a minimum of 50% with Science Stream (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry).

How To Become A Pilot?

1. To become a pilot you need to pursue certain procedures of which first is to enter a flying school and opt a Degree in B.Sc. Aviation. To get in the flying school the candidate must pass three stages :

· Written Entrance Test(Logic and Reasoning Based)

· Pilot Aptitude Test

· A Medical Test conducted by the DGCA Authority.

The next step is to obtain a Pilot License through the DGCA Exam. There is a certain age limit to attain Pilot License, minimum Student Private License age is 16 years, Private Pilot License age is 17 years and the Commercial Pilot License age is 18 years.

1. Private Pilot License: This is a 1 year Pilot Training course in which the candidate has to pass the examination conducted by DGCA after completing the Ground and Flying Trainings. PPL is issued to the candidate only when the candidate satisfies the following requirements:

· 40 hours of flying out of which 20 hours is solo.

· The candidate’s age should not be less than 17 years on the date of application for issue of PPL.

· The candidate should have a Medical Assessment Certificate issued by DGCA.

· The candidate should pass both the written and flying test conducted by DGCA.

2. Commercial Pilot License: This is a 2 years Pilot Training course in which the candidate has to pass every exam which is conducted by DGCA every 3 months commencing January of every year. It is issued to the candidate only when the candidate satisfies the following requirements:

· 200 hours of flying within a period of 5 years.

· The candidate should produce a Medical Fitness Certificate issued by the Air force Medical Board.

· The candidate’s age should not be less than 18 years on the date of application for issue of Commercial Pilot License.

3. Commercial Pilot License for PPL Holders: To get this license the procedures are same but it is a 15 months duration course and needs 160 hours of flying.


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